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An affordable option to a traditional DJ hire.

Less expensive than renting, no pick up or return, no deposits, no uncertainty how to hook up. We got it covered!

All the professional equipment, dance lighting, and YOU play YOUR music. I will ASSIST, but I will not run your event.

Wedding Receptions: $950.00

Includes: Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner & Dance. Set up and tear down. I will set volume levels and I will stay and maintain the appropriate levels to keep from equipment damage. Assist as needed with light control. 7 hours total max. *Breakdown and removal at ending (Minimum 45 minutes to complete)

Reception Only: $800.00 Includes speakers, subwoofer, lights and wireless microphones. 5 Hours maximum. (45 minutes minimum breakdown time)

Ceremony Sound: $500. Ceremony sound includes- speakers, wireless handheld or lapel microphones, table, Minister’s stand with tray. This includes 30 minutes seating music, 30 minutes ceremony sound, and 30 minutes post ceremony "social time." I can for additional $50.00 offer a "cocktail" music time, maximum 60 minutes. (45 minutes minimum breakdown time).

Assistance with sound levels, music flow choices, timelines. If I supply the music, standard DJ ceremony pricing will apply. 

I bring, set up, and assist with equipment, and YOU supply the music you desire to have played. Phone, or a laptop (if I supply these items or my hard drive collection of music, then traditional DJ price of $1,200/6 hours apply).

All devices must have a headphone jack (1/8th or 3.5mm), or a USB-C port. Lightening ports - we have adaptors for I-phones and USB-C) ALL music MUST BE downloaded on devices, or streaming on stated device.

We provide:

Sound Equipment:

* Speakers, subwoofer, mixer, wireless Microphones, all cables necessary for hook up.

* Dance floor lighting - 2 Chauvet gig bars and 2 Chauvet fx wash lights. Subwoofer (1), additional. subwoofer $50.00 Assistance with handheld controller for lighting.

(Computer wireless lighting controller option for $50.00 additional.)

* Table & covering.

* Assistance with music choice and nights "event flow" if necessary.

* Breakdown and removal of equipment at events end.

Minimum 45 minutes breakdown time REQUIRED.

A Date-reservation retainer of $300. Full payment of remaining fee is due 7 days before event. Service contract must be returned with retainer. 


text: 612-760-4557 or email for booking.

Insured equipment, insured venue use for equipment ONLY. Does not cover event or damage. If guests damage equipment with drinks, food, or other means, booking party is responsible for repair/replacement/loss of use charges.

 Events within 75 miles of Lakeville, MN

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