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Class Reunions

Here's what you get when you hire the RIGHT DJ for your reunion.

  • Before dinner, as your classmates are checking in, we play an hour of the greatest hits of your graduation year, plus some great nostalgic sound bites from that year-- from the news and sports, clips from the top movies and TV shows of the year, even highlights from some of the year's great old commercials.

  • During dinner, we lower the volume, and expand the music to include the hits from all of your High School years.

  • After dinner, our sound system, including a cordless microphone, is available for your reunion committee's presentation. And if you require special music for it, we'll provide it.

  • Then, we open the dance floor and accept requests for the rest of the evening. And no, we don't limit ourselves to the music from High School. Anything goes! All wash lighting, and dance lighting is included (I try not to bring flashy/strobing lights unless ok'd)                                                                                                                                                                                      

A class reunion is a very special occasion.  And it's too important to entrust to a DJ who's never done one. And we've learned that they call for a special kind of DJ, not just an ordinary wedding or club DJ.


First, he must understand that the reunion guests aren't there to see him. They're there to see each other. 

They don't want a DJ who's shouting and chattering and trying to get everyone involved in his party. 

A reunion DJ must be a professional "traffic cop"-- directing the class members when to sit for dinner, when and how to line up for their class picture, and helping the reunion committee coordinate its speeches and awards.


But above all, a reunion DJ must understand that most people go to a reunion to talk with their old classmates, not necessarily to dance. 

After the guests have had plenty of time to renew old friendships and relive old memories, then and only then will they be ready to dance.

          Reunions are priced at $100.00/hour. 5 hour minimum. Travel fee $50.00 metro area, $100.00 after 75 miles one way.

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