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Wedding Monogram for Floors


Project your names in light with wedding a monogram. These are special cut stencils that are made, and placed into a special image projector.

The results are stunning and unique projection of your design onto a surface of a wall, floor, ceiling or a dance floor. The complexity of the mounting of the projector will determine if it can be done at your chosen venue.

Add class to your reception hall with these special made monograms. These monograms make your wedding reception magical by adding a touch of elegance seldom seen at most receptions. MAYBE it is because of the COST.

Book a wedding reception with me, or a Yellow Ribbon Military Reception, and I can make it a reality for only a small added cost.

cost of producing the custom image for my projector could range between 55.00 and 125.00 depending on how complex.

These need to be ordered, so at least 45 day notice must be given if a custom monogram is wanted.

I can also, do “standard” designs, from an already made image for $25.00 charge. Many real nice images for your floor. These need to be raised from the floor area, so I need to ensure a location can be used to hang. It also can be projected against a plain white or cream colored wall. 

Also made images for anniversary parties, birthday parties, company or civic events, non profits, school dances, etc.