Only Toons DJ Services L.L.C. 

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song information & Fun Dance

Our music library contains hundreds of thousands of songs and spans all styles and eras. From music of the 1940's to the current hits of today, the choice is yours! The music that GET'S and KEEPS the dance floor.

You have complete freedom to choose exactly what you want to hear at your event!

I belong to the SAME Music pools that radio stations get their weekly NEW RELEASES from. I get them EVERY wednesday, like the stations. All radio edited. From Top 40 to Latin, country to Alternative. 

Rock         (classic, Hard, Etc.)

Slow/Love Songs

Novelty          (Children's & Adult fun songs)

Oldies            (1940's thru the 70's)

Party Classics

Country     (classic, or today's sound)


Adult Slow

Big Band/Swing

Dance Hits





Hip Hop (clean edits)

This allows you to further customize your performance, allowing you to choose your desired level of DJ interaction, as well as any special events you may or may not want to do. Choose from events like, but not limited to:

Anniversary Dance    This is a "memorable" dance at ANY wedding reception, a staple we like to include!

Cupid Shuffle             2nd MOST popular group dance at a reception.

Dollar Dance              Excellent way to spend time with guests at your reception.

Electric Slide              MOST popular group dance at a reception.

La Macarena

Hokey Pokey

YMCA                        A song both young and old can dance to.

Cha Cha Slide

Chicken Dance

The Stroll                    Classic 50's line dance!

Conga Line

Bride & Groom Group Dances

Circle Dance

Hawaiian Bag Dance (a fun dance we use)  OUR MOST FUN dance!

Electric Boogie

Open communication  helps to ensure a successful event. Customizing your event is as simple as telling us what you want and what you don't want. 

                                                            Simply put, it's your evening, not ours.

We know the party's best request, so we play the music that you and your fiance' select. 

A WIDE variety of music is available to satisfy even your most discriminating guests. We encourage you to use our song lists we can provide you with, and complete your OWN list. Then we combine them BOTH to ensure a fantastic playlist for your dance time. 

ALONG with the unlimited requests from your guests... you are sure to have a spectacular night of dance music that can be enjoyed by ALL of your guests from 5 years to 85 years of age.

Remember to also let us know genres, artists, or specific songs you DO NOT wish played. We respect your wishes on your special day!