Only Toons DJ Services L.L.C. 

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School Dance Parties

                                     Only Toons DJ provides fun school dances.

Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, Sadie Hawkins Dances, Odd Couple Dances, any dance. We bring the music, the fun, the dance lighting, and the subs that kids love!

Think of Parent & Child Dances that involve family's into your school events!

The music choices do not glorify sex, drugs, drinking, violence, etc. The songs are also age appropriate to the dance of which we are playing. 

ALL songs are clean versions & radio play edits!

Please contact me about your next school dance. You will not have to worry about what song the DJ is playing next or complaints from school staff or parents about language or lyric contents.

School Dance Network approved "responsible Dj." We are the ones that Administrators and Principals are looking for.

Approved and "safe" content songs for both Elementary & Middle (Jr. High) School age children. Plus, the FUN and ACTIVE dance lights that make the dance floor "come alive!"

My companies Q code, that takes Administration directly to my school dance network page.