Only Toons DJ Services L.L.C. 

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Questions & Answers      

                                                                        What music genres are in your collection?

50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, Top 40, Top 100, Club, Big Band, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Funk, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Orchestra, Harp, Pop, Punk Rock, R&B, Rock, Soul. Latin, Swing, Cha Cha, Tango, Polka. Our music library contains over 120,000+ songs on hand at each and every event (2 hard drives full).

 We also have hundreds of titles on Compact Disc or MP3. There are songs for every age and taste from the 1950’s to the present. We subscribe to the best music services and we keep our library well stocked. Our Music collections are to today's releases. 

Our DJ's play only the “clean edit” versions of songs. If a clean version is not available, that song will not be played unless approved by contracting party. If a song is requested and I do not have it, I can have the song in very little time.

**If you would like to supply music or a special song for use at your event, please supply it on MP3 format.* I ask it be given to me at least 2 weeks before the event, to ensure it does actually play on my equipment. Some wav4 files do not read on my units, as do some i-pod transferred mp3's. MP3's are best if given to me on a small thumb drive.

                                                                 Does the DJ MC the event and talk between songs?

Our DJ's make occasional announcements on the microphone with flair, enthusiasm, and good taste. We will also make announcements that you have pre-written. These could be for other activities at your event, times to turn in ballots/entries/judging cutoffs/etc.

A DJ is like "putty" in your hands. We help mold the event between its organizers and the guests. We will not say anything inappropriate, embarrass you or your guests, or pull anyone out of their comfort zone. Our job is to keep the flow of the night or the event going.

At Car Shows, the DJ also LOVES doing oldies music & car trivia! DJ often gives away limited number of prizes. You may add prizes for the trivia also. DJ will also handle any drawings or the like that you have already planned for.

                                                                 What is your policy on the DJ taking breaks?

Our DJ plays continuous music and do not take breaks.  Unlike bands and other DJ businesses, they play 45 minutes, then take a 15-30  minute breaks, often 3-4 times during your booking time. YOUR paying for this time in your hours. I believe, you book for 6 hours; you get 6 hours.

                                                                 Is a client required to provide a meal for the DJ? 

No. If you are planning a sit-down meal or a buffet, and would like to offer your DJ & assistant a meal, that is entirely up to you.

                                                                  Does the DJ drink alcohol before or during an event?     

Definitely not! DJ is a non-smoker & non-drinker. Too many problems I have heard about many a DJ at a wedding reception, actually ruining it because they were given "as much as they wanted to drink." I drink only pop/water/sports drink. nothing more.

                                                                  What is the minimum amount of time I can book you for

6 hours with no lights; 6 hours if wanting dance lights.

                                                                      Is a client able to meet the DJ before booking?  

Absolutely! You will not only get to meet with your DJ, but you will also have full access to him via phone, and email throughout your entire planning process. We PREFER open communication. We want what YOU want. Contact him by phone/email 7 days a week. 

We never think someone is being a "pest". We want you to feel confident & comfortable come your big event day!

                                                                                  What is the DJ’s attire?  

It ranges from dressy casual to formal, depending on what a client has requested & event type being played at. Jeans & tee shirts are unacceptable at any event (unless client says to wear that type of attire). Car shows and community events are often Hawaiian type shirts or our company 3 button embroidered golf shirt. During the summer, casual shorts may be worn on hot days. Sandals and/or flip flops are not worn. 

Wedding receptions find a Black Vest & Pants, White Shirt & Black Tie most appropriate unless directed to a more "casual" attire by booking party. 

I also attempt to match my tie to one of your wedding colors. I have about 20 different colors, so chances are I can match your colors, and look less like the serving staff (and I have been mistaken for them before, also. Funny story.)

 A tux can be worn if stated in advance. (rental fee may be added)


                                                                           Do You Use Contracts/Agreements? 

We use written contracts/Agreements. I prefer to call them "agreements." This is what WE are agreeing to. I am not a fan of a "forceful" term of Contract.

                                                                          Same Sex Partners Receptions & Parties 

Unlike numerous other DJ companies, Only Toons DJ does not discriminate against our customers. That is why we are GLBT friendly. We see "people" not sexual orientation. We will treat every customer exactly the same and with the same level of caring and attention to detail when handling their respective event.

                                                                      How far in advance should I book my event? 

As far in advance as possible! Many clients book our services six to nine months in advance. BUT, please ask, the date might still be open.....We Can't Hold Dates, unless a deposit is placed and agreement signed (certain exemptions may apply, please ask.). All dates are on a First come, First Serve basis. We Only book One Event at a time, Never Overbooking!

                                                          Can I visit one of your upcoming performances to watch you?

Out of respect for our clients’ privacy and to allow us to focus on putting on a great performance, it is our policy to never invite visitors to an event. We are working for someone else at that time, and feel it is unprofessional & extremely RUDE to invite "outsiders" to someone's private function. Of course, we’ll reciprocate this policy when it comes time for your event! If you’d like to know more about our performances, we’d be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our previous clients. Or quite possibly keep checking back for writings on the testimonial's page. We can inform you of any "Public Events" coming up that you may attend.

                                                                                                      Tips & Gratuity:     

 I believe that it should be YOUR decision, not a decision based on words in a contract. It is always appreciated, but never expected nor required.

                                                                                                     Insurance Coverage

Yes, we are insured. We carry liability coverage that insures us anywhere in the united states, at any event, regardless of the number of participants or its ground coverage. This also includes: backyard parties, wedding receptions, bars, company events, civic events, Car Shows, etc. 

This coverage ONLY covers damages, injuries, breakages, etc. DIRECTLY related to the DJ and his service. Its does not include damages caused by others, willful misconduct damage, or riots or other public disturbances. 

It is not another insurance for the contracting party to stack upon in the event that it is not in "direct relation" to the negligence of the DJ. It is provided at no additional charge above your contracted rate.

We also carry insurance on our equipment in the event it is accidentally damaged at an event we are performing at.

                                                                                    Advertising at your event:      

I DO NOT advertise at your wedding reception or dance with a big gaudy backdrop or table covering with my name sprawled all over it. Nor do I put my name up in lights for all to see. This is YOUR special day - not my opportunity to acquire future business. I will have business cards available for anyone wishing my name. I may announce the business name "tastefully" a time or two during the event, but in a sentence with other items. I will not continue to drive the name all night long.

                                                                                   Wedding reception timelines:   

Unless you hired an expensive wedding consultant or planner, you probably aren't familiar with how a reception timeline works. When is the best time to cut the cake? When is the bouquet toss? There are a few more fun ways to do this one, please allow me to discuss the options.

I will help take the guesswork out of it, and help you put together a timeline that will ensure the reception will go smoothly. Unlimited number of consultations. Never too many questions or

concerns. I am here to assist in making your reception one you can "enjoy & have fun", not worry about keeping a running list of times to remember.

I am your music/program director also. I facilitate the flow of the evening, so you can enjoy your guests and your day! If the dancing goes longer than the booking time..., With "Contracted Parties" Permission..., We will just let it go!  (We can work out any addtl. charges after the night ends)


 What I say is what the cost is! No hidden fee's, no forced tips, nothing (only exception may be extra charge for travel outside of the twin cities metro area or additional hours wanted to extend event.  This will be relayed at time of booking.).


We often take a few photo's at each event we do, for placement on MY Onlytoonsdj Facebook page and/or here on the new photo gallery. This is a two fold purpose: It gives us a chance to show what we are like in "performance," but also gives interested parties (such as yourselves) a chance to see what we do also.

Often times people only are interested in how the DJ area/ reception area is set up, taking ideas from one room set up and incorporating it into their day. Or they are looking at the pictures of the reception dance, lights and their set up, or various other items of which they might find important.

I will post only the FIRST names of a wedding  (with date & locations), event name, or non profit name only.  NO personal information will be placed on any web site without proper permission being given in advance from the parties I wish to post. I attempt to keep the photo's of the dance/ceremony (if we provided the music)/event. 

If you would prefer not to have your photo on the web site, please let me know.

Music Questions and Answers..

What if a piece of equipment breaks down during the show/reception:
 DJ comes with back up equipment. This includes amps, mixers, music media, etc. usually the system may only be off line for a matter of minutes. Often we can fix the problem, and no one will ever notice we went "off line." Also, my back up equipment can be used for ceremony music at weddings, while the other unit is set up for the dinner/reception music.

 How long is the package for?
We provide a sound system at the location for one fee. Often times if it is not a complicated issue, I can bring a few additional pieces and provide limited ceremony music. A fee may be added depending on the complexity of the set up (in doors/out doors, distances, etc.)

Do I get to pick my own music choices?
Detailed song listings allows you to custom create a playlist for YOUR dance. We can assist with a list that is "Not a list that is recycled from a previous reception or party". This allows you to create a custom list, do not play list, and even select how you would like the dj to handle requests. My listings include tens of thousands of songs and my computer files are updated on a weekly or even daily basis, as new music arrives.

What if we want a song and it is not on your list?
Just add the song on your the list. Next to the artists name, write "not found on lists". I will find and have the song for you. This happens quite often. It is also quite typical I do have to find various "special" music for ceremony's, etc. If I cannot find it after all my looking, I will email your and inform you. BUT, chances are, I will surprise you and locate it, and have it for your event.

How many songs will play at the event?
I will play between 60-75 songs in a typical 4 or so hour dance. As you can see, this leaves little time for "goofing about" like many other DJ's do, playing on their "showmanship." Group dances also take a bit more time, but time well spent, and a lot of fun! 

Also, if you plan on having fun games during the reception, remember, these take a bit of time also. BUT are interactive with your guests and often well received. Also, if you have a game or two added into your reception, this does take away from the song count. But It IS FUN!
    Does the DJ take and handle requests?
It's your choice. You have the ability to decide if the DJ handles any requests or not, or do we just stick with the custom playlist.

We have earned an outstanding reputation by handling requests in a timely and tasteful manner. There are thousands of songs at the DJ's fingertips for ALL AGES. Often times, we are limited to handling requests based on guidelines such as "accept no" RAP requests, or country, or anything "profane, distasteful, or vulgar in content, lyrics, or idea." 

Often times if we don't have the song, we can get it within 5 minutes or less (and legally!)! Have a song on your I-pod you want played, we can connect it through the system and play the song on our larger system.  We DO NOT use I-TUNES. 

WE DO NOT STREAM music. Streaming is as close to stealing as one can get for a "paid" event.

   Can I see your DJ perform at a area wedding?
Each wedding is a private event, and we respect our customers privacy. We allow so many choices through our lists, ideas, and face to face meetings, that you might see something they "wanted" that might not appeal to your tastes, and cause your to "alter" your train of thought. 

If you would like to hear more about how we approach weddings, please do not hesitate to contact me at 612-760-4557. I would be happy to spend as much time as necessary to answer all your questions... no matter how "minimal" you think the topic is.

 My job is to give you the event you WANT!

Do you have a wireless microphone for toasts?
YES. And we will even take the time beforehand to show these people giving toasts and announcements how to use it properly. Sometimes people are more comfortable with a corded microphone, and prefer it to be left at a central location. This allows anyone to access it during the evening to say a word or two.

Let me know what best suits YOUR event, as I come with more than enough cable to cross the floor & 3-4 Microphones!!  2 being wireless!  (if requested)
We also have wireless microphones if you would prefer to use on of those for speeches.

We keep it simple...