Only Toons DJ Services L.L.C. 

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Weddings - Our Fee's... Right Up Front.



                                                              OUR FEE RIGHT UP FRONT..

Nice to see - actual pricing LISTED. No confusing forms, no on line pages to fill out, no confusing choices for any desired events or no prices listed at all, except a message to "call for pricing." 

THIS is where they start adding all the "fluff," and up prices depending on unrelated items, such as "how many guests, how big of room, date of the event, etc." 

YES. September, April, May & Early October are the MOST popular months for weddings (in that order),,,, SO they raise the price during these months!

Only thing you DO NOT see here, unlike other sites, is a statement: "Add $100.00 for 2022 price unless you book now, then you can have it for 2021 prices...." My prices are the same, 2022 or 2023! 

No pressure to "hurry and book to save $100. dollars."

I DO NOT offer assorted packages! These actually make your reception MORE expensive, by forcing you to pay more for items, well, others usually offer for NO ADDITIONAL charge. Examples are: Dance lights, Sub Woofers, etc.

Wedding Receptions: 

$695.00 for 5 hour Booking (flat fee, regardless of date reserved.) Hours can be extended for added charge of $75.00 per hour (Cocktail/ Dinner Music or extended dance time.)

         After 5 hours, reception fee is charged at $75.00/hour. Most receptions are usually 5 or                                                              6  hours anyways! 

       Reception time is based on start of music time, i.e. Cocktail music, Dinner Music, Etc. 

(So, for example you desired a 5 hour reception, and cocktail music started at 3:30 pm, then the additional charge will occur starting at 8:30 pm).

                           a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 due at agreement signing. 

                                 **  Gratuity is not included in charged fee's. **  

Mileage charge will be added for events more than 40 miles from Lakeville, MN. Additional miles one way at a rate of $1.00 per mile.  


My set up & Tear down time is at no charge to you. I will arrive a few hours prior to the guests arriving. This often equals about 2-3 hours. Tear down time is well over an hour.

My goal is to be set, sound checked, and ready 45 minutes before your guests arrived.




Accent Lighting  & Under table lighting


We offer Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Magenta, Yellow, Orange, Violet colors

* $100.00 will be added for Accent Lighting, (regardless of number of light used.)*

We also offer smaller accent lights, excellent for lighting under tables, around columns, and places where a larger up light will not work. Same colors can be incorporated with the wall up lighting, or other colors may be chosen for specific areas of the room.

My lights are L.E.D. which do not get hot, burn children or people bumping them when walking.

I can also control the brightness, and the depth of the color.

They also can be programmed to strobe, chase, flash to the music & Fade into other colors, etc. during reception dance time if desired.

I have 10 larger lights and 10 smaller lights.


I have 4 sets of wireless microphones

I bring 2 sets to each event, along with a bag and 5 corded microphones. 

NEVER, EVER have microphone problems. If for some reason the cordless ones are affected by interference, I can run on a wired microphone. 

MOST microphone issues occur with the person using the microphone, toasts or the such, and holding it too far from mouth when speaking or turning the microphone away from the antenna on the receiver. 

MY BEST, is a 4 microphone system, where ALL 4 can be used at the same time! I can leave a microphone on various table, and just turn on to talk. NO MORE passing the microphone table to table, forgetting to pass it along, or have a microphone go dead from heavy use. 

My microphones run 9-12 hours on a battery!


Music Disclosure: 

Often times if we don't have the song, we can get it within 5 minutes or less (and legally!)! Have a song on your I-pod you want played, we can connect it through the system and play the song on our larger system.  


WE DO NOT STREAM music. Streaming is as close to stealing as one can get for a "paid" event.