Only Toons DJ Services L.L.C. 

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About Our Equipment


                                     Why settle for (2) speakers on (2) poles and a                                                Traffic Light.

    When you can have a Gym full of Awesome sound and                                Amazing lights for the same price!                                                                    


We use only the best in high quality equipment. 

Equipment is important because when you use professional equipment not only does it sound better but it lasts longer. 

Reliability and durability is very important for a DJ. 

If they have equipment that fails, then they are not using top of the line equipment.

Equipment you can buy at your local retailer of electronics is not professional equipment

We use only the best and it shows at events. Our equipment is well maintained and always in perfect working order. We always have back-up equipment available.

Just in case. Be sure and check what equipment your DJ is using. If you don't see names like Dennon, Pioneer , JBL, Mackie, Numark, Rhane, Shure, Sony, Crown, QSC, American DJ, Elation, Martin, Pyle Pro, EV (Electro Voice) then your DJ is not using professional equipment. 

Be sure to ask them, if they seem hesitant to tell you, or claim they "do not remember," be best to pass them up. 


We proudly use equipment only from Dennon, Numark, Pyle Pro, Community, Yamaha, American DJ, Chauvet, Z Laser Corp., Elation, Shure, Behringer, Peavy, QSC & EV. 

                                           My equipment is built to keep "pounding" at any party or reception!

 You only have ONE CHANCE to do your reception or Party.... there is NO DO OVERS.

                   We proudly use moving head lights, swarms, mega-trex dance lights, dj banks,                                                  Derby's, 4 Plays, 6 spots, mini kinta's, lasers, etc.  

                                           Fun, Safe, L.E.D. dance lights

                                             NEW: Moving head dance lights, water "motion" lights  & image lights. 
                                                             Also, Black Lights for an nostalgic night of dancing 

(some photos below show lighting before curtain covering wires is hung. We don't have wires hanging out in the open)