Only Toons DJ Services L.L.C. 

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 music & Lighting Info.



              WOW....Look at those dance lights!!!

When I put on a light show at your party or reception, that is the impression we want to provide to your guests....WOW.  

We only use professional lighting by American DJ, Chauvet, Eliminator, etc. More lights being added monthly! I use LED & DMX lighting, allowing them to be more dependable. I have VERY fun spyder lights, black lights, moving head lights, and par can lights. I know most couples do not even know what THEY are, but rest assured, I will bring the RIGHT lights to your event, based on our conversations. Lights that match the excitement and energy of the event!

The "wow" factor will get them up on the dance floor, and keep them there. And we all know, when the guests are having a blast, the entire event seems to be more fun. All my lights are purchased with the intention of being "fast moving, energetic, and capable of drawing your guests onto the floor."  The lights also follow the beat of the music, so they change speed, patterns/colors, with each song. 

The only "slow" lights I like to use, is a "mirror ball" clone for slow dances and a moon bug. I bring Sparkles, swarms, luna's, 4 color LED disco lights, double twists,can lights, strobes, laser's if requested and 12 other types that move colored light throughout the ENTIRE room! 

Ask any questions you want.... My only desire is to make you and your guests HAVE A BLAST on the dance floor!!!!




Music Questions and Answers..

                  What if a piece of equipment breaks down during the show/reception:
 DJ comes with back up equipment. This includes amps, mixers, music media, etc. usually the system may only be off line for a matter of minutes. Often we can fix the problem, and no one will ever notice we went "off line." Also, my back up equipment can be used for ceremony music at weddings, while the other unit is set up for the dinner/reception music.

                                               How long is the package for?
We provide a sound system at the location for one fee. Often times if it is not a complicated issue, I can bring a few additional pieces and provide limited ceremony music. A fee may be added depending on the complexity of the set up (in doors/out doors, distances, etc.)

                                     Do I get to pick my own music choices?
Detailed song listings allows you to custom create a playlist for YOUR dance. We can assist with a list that is "Not a list that is recycled from a previous reception or party". This allows you to create a custom list, do not play list, and even select how you would like the dj to handle requests. My listings include tens of thousands of songs and my computer files are updated on a weekly or even daily basis, as new music arrives.

                                  What if we want a song and it is not on your list?
Just add the song on your the list. Next to the artists name, write "not found on lists". I will find and have the song for you. This happens quite often. It is also quite typical I do have to find various "special" music for ceremony's, etc. If I cannot find it after all my looking, I will email your and inform you. BUT, chances are, I will surprise you and locate it, and have it for your event.

                                       How many songs will play at the event?
I will play between 60-75 songs in a typical 4 or so hour dance. As you can see, this leaves little time for "goofing about" like many other DJ's do, playing on their "showmanship." Group dances also take a bit more time, but time well spent, and a lot of fun! 

Also, if you plan on having fun games during the reception, remember, these take a bit of time also. BUT are interactive with your guests and often well received. Also, if you have a game or two added into your reception, this does take away from the song count. But It IS FUN!
                                          Does the DJ take and handle requests?
It's your choice. You have the ability to decide if the DJ handles any requests or not, or do we just stick with the custom playlist. 

We have earned an outstanding reputation by handling requests in a timely and tasteful manner. There are thousands of songs at the DJ's fingertips for ALL AGES. Often times, we are limited to handling requests based on guidelines such as "accept no" RAP requests, or country, or anything "profane, distasteful, or vulgar in content, lyrics, or idea." 

Often times if we don't have the song, we can get it within 5 minutes or less (and legally!)! Have a song on your I-pod you want played, we can connect it through the system and play the song on our larger system.  We DO NOT use I-TUNES. 

WE DO NOT STREAM music. Streaming is as close to stealing as one can get for a "paid" event.

                                         Can I see your DJ perform at a area wedding?
Each wedding is a private event, and we respect our customers privacy. We allow so many choices through our lists, ideas, and face to face meetings, that you might see something they "wanted" that might not appeal to your tastes, and cause your to "alter" your train of thought. 

If you would like to hear more about how we approach weddings, please do not hesitate to contact me at 612-760-4557. I would be happy to spend as much time as necessary to answer all your questions... no matter how "minimal" you think the topic is. 

                                My job is to give you the event you WANT!

                                     Do you have a wireless microphone for toasts?
YES. And we will even take the time beforehand to show these people giving toasts and announcements how to use it properly. Sometimes people are more comfortable with a corded microphone, and prefer it to be left at a central location. This allows anyone to access it during the evening to say a word or two. 

Let me know what best suits YOUR event, as I come with more than enough cable to cross the floor & 3-4 Microphones!!  2 being wireless!  (if requested)
We also have wireless microphones if you would prefer to use on of those for speeches.

   We keep it simple....



     ONLY TOONS DJ Offers:

(only a few lights shown, I come with over 15 separate lighting options)

various sized speakers, perfect for a variety of room options... NO cookie cutter systems HERE.

More than enough for any large banquet room or party location. Fantastic dance sound! 

Perfect for Yard Parties, Pool Parties, Neighborhood block parties, etc.

* STROBE LIGHTS - smaller versions, not as intense) used very carefully....

* L.E.D.  LIGHTING - par 38 LED lighting.


* smaller LED up lighting cans for under tables, and in smaller, discreet places.


* I have a 4-Play light and a 6 spot light. FANTASTIC energy dance lights!


* L.E.D. Up Lighting

* fantastic Mega trix lighting, for that "club dance floor" feel.

LASERS - ( LASER UNITS I HAVE -  2 - Green Single Units, 1 - Duel RED, 1 - Red, blue, green & Yellow! ) (MUST BE ABLE


NOW, I have a laser unit that plays images and 3-dimensional designs on the wall, that MOVE!

* Sparkle Lights IN WHITE FOR 1ST DANCE. These are sililar to a mirror ball, but are LED lights. 


 Mega trex, monster duo, swarm, mini kinta, double twist, spyder lights, mushroom effects,etc.