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Here is an email I have gotten from a "prospective" bride, and why she is looking at MY DJ services FIRST!

I haven't booked my DJ yet, but I will say this: The DJ I choose better be very understanding and play what my fiancee' and I request. 

When my best-friend got married a few years ago, she just picked some random DJ from a bridal expo to play her music. I sat down with her and made up a HUGE list for her special day. This DJ company was horrid. They lost her music list and ended up playing cheese 70's and 80's TV themed songs during dinner. That will NOT happen to me. 

Smile. Don't get me wrong...this will probably be the only facet of my wedding that I could be considered a "bridezilla" on due to the fact that I am a music junkie and have very specific ideas about how I want the music to "flow".


Other related emails:

Our DJ (Dave), was the friend of two wonderful people from our church. He has been hired to do several events for church, at a reasonable cost. However, he is fantastic! He plays a wonderful variety of music, has albums after albums of music, and if you have a request for a song he doesn't currently have, he punches it up and downloads it! 

His personality is energetic and fun, and he really keeps the floor hopping. Communication is the key, so if a DJ or band wants to "go with the flow", either try to negotiate with him/her, or find someone else. You don't want your special day marred by an unprofessional vendor.


My response to a bride asking about WHAT I consider a GOOD DJ?

As a DJ, I ask my clients what songs are "must play" and which are "do not play." From these two lists, I can get a good idea of what their music tastes are. I take requests and let those requests keep me on top of where the crowd is at as far as the celebration is going. During a 4 hour reception, if a DJ can play 60 songs, he is really pounding the mix. The average length of a song is 4 minutes, accounting for music crossover, 60 songs in that time period is pretty aggressive. Flexibility is the key. If a client gives me 50-60 each of fast and slow songs, I will have to try and determine which of each speed are the favorites. What is popular to mainstream is not always popular with a client. Make no mistake, if the wedding couple or their parents make a request, it gets played very soon.


   Helpful Information For The Bride

Your wedding is the most important day in your life. 

You have been building up to this day and so much effort has gone into the preparation of making it spectacular. You have a nice venue for the party, the decor is exactly as you want it and you have "a" DJ getting ready to make your party memorable....or so you think.

Most people assume that if you have seen one DJ, you have seen them all. A typical profile of a DJ is a person with a set of speakers, a few lights and who plays music for a few hours. This misconception tends to cause more harm than good, leaving families feeling very frustrated

It is a simple fact that the entertainment you choose for your party will determine the success of your event. It is great to have a wedding theme, the perfect venue and delicious food, but the one thing that guests remember above all the effort you put into your party is the entertainment. 

Only Toons Dj would like to thank you for your interest in our services and would love to speak with you to explain why our services are the best choice for your special day. We are more than happy to meet with you in person to discuss your needs in more detail. We strive to give our clients a professional service at the best possible price.

We offer ONE RATE wedding reception entertainment packages.

We service your entire wedding reception: 

* beginning with our consultation and pre-planning

* to the day of wedding set-up

* guest arrival greeting and background dinner music
* activity coordination and announcements of the evening's activities and special introductions. 

* We incorporate special dances like the Father-Daughter Dance and then of course plenty of party dancing!

Our DJ Service brings an entire professional sound system to YOUR Wedding Reception. We use our incredible light systems to add a festive party ambiance to Your Wedding Reception.

We are NOT “I-Pod DJ’s”

We give you the opportunity to be as hands on & involved with the music selection as you wish. We've got hundreds of thousands of titles in our library and we're confident we can pick the 60-75 great songs appropriate for practically any reception; even without client input. Even fun group dances that are sure to bring everyone to the floor!

If you need help, ideas or inspiration, we can also provide song list resources. Other (franchise) DJ services may come in with a "canned-format" without inviting such input.

They come in with the vision of "we know what you want, we do this every weekend." A scary statement, you might get last weekends reception playlist!!!

It's imperative for us to know what is important to you;  then we know HOW to do a great job for you.

In return we may ask for a referral, as word of mouth is our most valuable resource. Please visit our Testimonials page to comment. 


I thank you in advance for your kind words and thoughts.


                        How to make YOUR special day.... JUST THAT                

 * You can use a pop song for your exit music. Just be sure to ask you officiant prior to the wedding, whether it is ok to have "secular" music played at your venue. Some churches have music restrictions. Once you have been "ok'd",  it's time to personalize. Even if you've had an ultra-traditional ceremony, ending with a pop song leaves things on a lighthearted note and makes a perfect transition to the reception.  Some favorite picks:  ABBA"s "I do, I do, I do", The Beatles "All you need is love" or Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours."



Creative Introductions:

Encourage your wedding party to do something fun as they enter your reception. Choreograph a dance routine and have the members of your bridal party waltz, tango, or wobble their way into the reception hall. Let each couple decide individually which dance they want to use for their entrance.

Use props: find toys or other props that fit your theme and have your bridal party use them during their introductions. A bridal party entered to the song ” Thrift Shop” sporting their best thrift store attire. . Some have used funny sunglasses, hats, boa's,  etc. when entering.

At some wedding's, the bride and groom put together a meet the bridal party table. All you need to do is put each person’s name, picture, and some information about them in a picture frame. 

Here are some ideas for what to include in the information section:

- How they know the bride/groom

- Where they’re from

- A fun fact

- A funny quote from them that was said at some point during the wedding planning.

These picture frames don’t have to be for just the bridal party, either. You can include the parents of the bride and groom, the ring bearer, the flower girl, and anyone else you think deserves one!

However you choose to do the introductions, make sure you include a big thank you to all those who helped to make your day special.

Games & Group Dances 

We have a list of fun, interactive games that can be played during the wedding reception. 

These are games that involve the wedding party, kids, and guests.

 Please ask me to discuss this addition to your reception with you. 

Many games are humorous, none take any special skill level, and it allows "everyone" to participate in the night.

We also have numerous "group" dances that could be a fun addition to your reception also. Be sure to ask about these also!

 We keep it simple: One Package, One Price:

*  Dance time, 6 p.m. to as late as 1 a.m. (after 7 hour time, hourly fee applies).
*  Wireless or corded microphones for     announcements and speeches.
*  LED and Other types of dance lighting for dance floor. Wash Lights.
* Accent Lighting available for additional charge.
*  DJ will arrive minimum of 2 hours prior to guests arrival for set up.
*  Unlimited Face to face consultations, Unlimited music assistance, Unlimited  phone consultations, help with reception planning. 

Advice on Grooms/Best man speeches, and help with other items of which you may be unsure or inexperienced.

$1,000.00 - 7  Hour Reception Package....(mileage charge may apply.)

Because what you hear should not be a surprise...

If you wish, to be less hands-on with the musical planning, you can leave the play-list selections & responsibilities to us. 

We have the experience to play music appropriate for any event, and can "read the crowd" and adjust as necessary.

Introducing...The Bridal Party

Everyone knows the wedding is about the bride (and maybe a little bit about the groom). But the bridal party plays a huge role, mostly behind the scenes, and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

There are easy ways to make sure the bridal party gets this acknowledgement, but there are also creative, fun ways to introduce your closest friends and family to all of your guests.

Traditional Introductions: name & order in party

1. Maid of Honor      Best man

2. Brides maids        Groomsmen

3. Flower girl           Ring Bearer

Make sure your MC or DJ knows the correct order the bridal party will be entering in the reception, as well as how to pronounce their names. The minimum the DJ should say is their first and role in the bridal party. Something else you can consider adding is how they each know the bride or groom. Another fun tidbit to add is just a fun fact about each person. For example, “John Doe is the best man and was the groom’s roommate and wingman in college—he’s the one who introduced the groom to the bride!”

It’s common to put information about the bridal party in the program for your guests to read, and while this is helpful, it can be impersonal and does not give them a chance to put names to faces. Consider putting in a small photo next to each member of the bridal party along with a short bio.

Weddings are about joining two families, but the bride and groom need to facilitate this, and the best way to start this is to introduce the bridal party.

Make sure your bridal party is comfortable with each other. Even if they don’t know each other before the ceremony, encourage them to spend some time together, since they will be walking and dancing together all day.

Enter the reception hall excited. When your guests see you and your bridal party having a great time, they will be more excited and will participate in the festivities more eagerly.

Communicate well with your DJ or MC. If you have hired a professional, he or she will have lots of ideas for how to spice up your introductions and can facilitate the whole procession.

Do you Tip a DJ:

Disc Jockeys, known as DJs, provide Entertainment Services for a range of events. A DJ's primary responsibility is to provide music at a club, party, or wedding reception, though in actual fact they cover a wider range of tasks. 

A DJ is often expected to act as MC, introducing singers at a karaoke night, the bride and groom to a wedding reception, or a controversial new track at a dance club. 

Tipping a DJ is not compulsory but is often preferred and always appreciated..

When to Tip: At the end of the reception, by the Best Man. It can be a Token of your Appreciation to the DJ for a Fun, Well Provided Service!